Make Learning Fun at the Central Washington Agricultural Museum

The Central Washington Agricultural Museum offers school educational progams for Yakima Valley area schools every Thursday and Friday, April-June. Regular field trips(museum tours) are available April-October.

We offer 2 sessions each day – 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. Fill out and submit the school tour/field trip request form to reserve a date.

If you have any questions check out our FAQ page or contact us or give us a call 509.457.8735.

Museum Educational Programs

Field Trips/Museum Tour

(Approx. 1-1.5 Hours Long)

Field Trips/Museum Tour - Central Washington Agricultural Museum

Your students will have the opportunity to see farm life as it was over one hundred years ago up through the mid twentieth century. The first stop will be the Amos cabin where your students can see what life was like living in a log cabin. From there they will get a glimpse of a typical homestead house, chuck wagon, trapper’s cabin, sheepherder’s wagon and a second log cabin. The students will then get a look at early American engines and a blacksmith shop. The wagon ride will take you to the Lindeman Building where the students will observe a wood smith shop, early American toys, tack shop, homestead, vintage office, general store, filling station, and a collection of buggies. The final phase will take you by a sawmill, farmstead, wheat field and a drive through display with over 159 pieces of farm equipment.

Educational Program

(Approx. 1.5-2 Hours Long)

Educational Program - Central Washington Agricultural Museum

The CWAM Educational Program allows students to see and participate in some of the following:

All the options we offer can be used "stand-alone" or in conjunction with other offerings. We have designed these programs primarily for third and fourth grade classes studying Washington State and local history, but the materials may be adapted for other grades and subjects. Each program can be used to compliment Washington State History Curriculum or to learn more about local history in your classroom.

Special Access and Other Programs

While these programs are targeted at 3rd and 4th grade levels, we offer tours for adult groups, including developmentally disabled visitors, home schools, scouts, daycare, and other groups. Teachers, students, and families will find the Central Washington Agricultural Museum an exciting place for further explorations of the Yakima Valley and Central Washington. Most of the museum is ADA approved; however, there are some areas that are not yet complete.

Thank you for your interest in our education program. Your students will enjoy the tour and learn many things in regard to our agricultural history. We look forward to seeing you and your students here soon!